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The intention is, primarily, to unite those persons who already have an interest in owls, and who have a blog which has a significant owl-related content, in order that they can easily share their interest and experiences, and build up a sense of camaraderie.

It is also hoped that those who are just developing an interest in owls will be inspired by the links to the blogs of people who are already passionate about these wonderful birds, and join our ranks!

If you have a blog with a strong owl content and would like to become part of this network, please e-mail me at richard@peglermail.co.uk with the URL of your blog. All I ask is that, in return, you add a 'gadget' link to the OBN from your blog using the HTML code that you will be supplied with.

If you have any information which you feel that owlers in general could benefit from, such as a valuable resource for information, or a warning about a developing situation, etc. please submit it to the OBN administrator at richard@peglermail.co.uk.

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Monday, 5 September 2011

An Introduction to the OBN's Administrator

I thought that perhaps it would be a good idea to introduce myself. My name is Richard Pegler, and it was my idea to start the Owlers' Blog Network, inspired by other networks of a more general nature.

I do not claim to have any great expertise on the subject of Owls. I've only been particularly interested in these birds for just under two years, being originally inspired by the work of my now good friend Paul Riddle (the first person to join this network), who has been known to refer to me as his 'apprentice'. I don't even claim to have had any long-term interest in birds in general, only having become interested with any degree of commitment about six years ago when I retired from work.

Given my limited knowledge, therefore, my intended role (as far as the OBN is concerned) is primarily that of administrator of this blog, although I will possibly make the occasional post if I come across information which I think might be important or of interest to owlers. I will also welcome input of this nature from other owlers. I do not intend to recount any of my personal owling experiences on this blog - I do that on my own blog 'Owls plus Other Birds and Delights of Nature'.

Thank you for visiting this blog. Please return in the not too distant future when I hope that we will have much more of interest to offer you.

Administrator contact: richard@peglermail.co.uk

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