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Monday, 27 October 2014

Eurasian Eagle Owl - by Noushka

Noushka has been out with the owls again - and this time she's been photographing a Eurasian Eagle Owl. Her efforts have produced absolutely stunning results, as you will find here.

Here's a taster of what is in store for you!

Eurasian Eagle Owl (Bubo bubo) - by Noushka

Congratulations, Noushka, on some of the most inspiring owl images that it's been my pleasure and privilege to enjoy!


  1. Oh my!!
    Here it is :)
    Many thanks for putting this picture up Richard, that is one owl I might not ever see again!!
    I really hope to see more publications here from other owlers!!
    But I know how difficult it is to set up a community on a specific subject.
    We are now 12 publishers to present our articles on:

    I wish I could have many more owl encounters to support your work here :)
    Hugs from France!

    1. I have just put a link up on my blog :)

    2. It's my absolute pleasure to let people know about your superb photography, Noushka.

    3. Thank you for the link on your blog, Noushka. I've now added you to the list of OBN members so your posts will be shown on the list on the right.

  2. Hi richard,
    Thanks for the link, that is really sweet!
    I am sorry not have more owl pictures for your great blog Richard, but owls are difficult to spot around here and I rely much on acquaintances and friends for tips but they come in very slooooowly!!!
    Buy maybe you might extend to other birds of prey like sparrowhawks, buzzards and Red kites in which case I might have then ;-)
    Keep well and warm, I hope the weather is not too bad in England.
    Here the cold has settled in and we got the fire place purring since yesterday!!

  3. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.